2016/17 Update

Once again a fantastic turnout for the PENN Amble Open 503 rods, Men, women and children attended for what is the biggest club shore match in the country.

Firstly, a big thank you to Penn, our other sponsors, the committee, Jimmy French, Colin Dawson and Ken Middlemist for putting in the work.

This year we even had the Angling Trust tweeting live from the competition.

Congratulations to club member Gordon Holland who came 2nd with !3lb 9.5 as opposed to the winner C Westgarth with 13lb 10.5 (congratulations) Also to Ian Harrogate the next club member to feature, 12th out of over 500 is pretty good.

Gordon Holland H/F 11lb 15.1/2oz


Remember the new Bass Regulations 2017, no retention of Bass until 1st July 2017 then one fish per 24hr period of over 42cm.




2014  REPORT

Another year over, another successful Open as reported at the February meeting by the match secretary and treasurer, a big thank you once again to the usual suspects. Congratulations to Ethane Marshall our very own Junior Winner.

The club has a new container, the old one should be gone soon but we may have some good news regarding accommodation soon with the Radcliffe Club.

We have just been granted some funding from the Angling Trust and a member will be going on a level 1 coaching course in the very near future, we hope to secure funding for a further course to level 2 and another 2 sets for another individual to make, 2 level 2 coaches for the club in the future.

The results of Sea Angling 2012 where launched by DEFRA

Full report

Sea angling in England is worth over £2b to the economy.
There are an estimated 886,000 sea anglers in England.
Sea anglers caught an estimated 10 million fish in 2012.
Sea angling supports nearly 24,000 jobs across England.
These are just a few of the results from Sea Angling 2012 report, the biggest ever study into sea angling in England, which was published in November.

Northumberland IFCA also launched its Recreational Sea Angling strategy

The proposed bait digging byelaw at Holy Island is still not law; I will update all when it is finalised.

The use of raw edible crab (Cart) may be made legal after a public a consultation by Northumberland IFCA, again I will update on the consultation.

Thank you to all who attended Ken Middlemist’s 70th birthday comp and bash, well done Ken great to have active pensioners fishing the club and still winning the cash.

Remember to keep up to date on facebook



Bait digging /crab collection, What’s going on.


To update you all I have just attended the Angling Trusts bait digging conference in London attended by DEFRA, Natural England and the English Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority and many others from the wildlife community I will try and keep it brief and just for Northumberland. I have been saying for some years regulation is on its way mainly through European directives. We are not badly affected with just one byelaw to protect sea grass, proposed by Northumberland IFCA (at the moment) in and around the permitted digging area of Holy Island this will stop bait collection in a small area of that. I along with Alan Charlton am involved in dialogue with Natural England through Northumberland IFCA, to get some compensation, in the form of an extra mud flat to dig in on the North Eastern side of the causeway. Copy of the proposed byelaw

This process is country wide and will affect other counties, some quite hard, this process will continue in the future and will include gathering of crabs within European marine sites and possibly Marine Conservation zones, the IFCAs also have a duty to protect fisheries resources in general and that includes worms and crabs. We only have one MCZ that is likely to happen this year and that is the River Aln estuary, the next possible MCZ to affect us is Coquet to St Mary’s. If you have further question about other parts of the country or the likely impact for the future and the probable rise of bait prices especially crab from Devon European marine sites are complex and are made up of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)mainly Marine environments and Special areas of Conservation (SPA) mainly land based for birds in general our EMS runs from Alnmouth to the Scottish border and beyond, all under European law

Marine Conservation Zone will be created under English law, the Marine and Coastal Access Act (MACAA) bought in by the last government, not to mention SSSI and RAMSAR sites of which we have a few in Northumberland.


Congratulations to Norma Urwin

Ladies Winner at Newbiggin Open 2014

cod 3lb 1oz


Angler Safety Survey

The R.N.L.I are doing an angler safety survey with a prize draw for those completing it. Many of our anglers have already completed it, please feel free to do so. link below........LES

Amble Open 2013

Another year over, culminating in our 36th Open, run by the usual suspects and organized by our Club match secretary, Jimmy French. Thanks again Jimmy. Special thanks to Colin Dawson the club treasurer for looking after the finance and computer programs. This event is only as good as the sponsors behind it, so a big thank you to the local tackle industry, shops and local businesses in and around Amble. Once again a well supported and successful event, with 433 anglers fishing, weighing in 302 fish, for a total of 437lb 2oz. This year saw some decent cod and codling the heaviest fish, a cod of 11lb 11oz. see the full results.

ASAC strive to be a conservation minded club and this year our new competition rule that all flatfish must be presented in a container of water proved beneficial and we returned most of the flatfish to the sea alive, this along with our MLS of 27cm. Thanks to all the marshals and our new Club chairman Shane Price pictured below with his personal marshals.

Who did a sterling job patrolling the beach and helping at the weigh in


MCZ update.


As you may be aware, the Government is currently carrying out a public consultation on the 31 Marine Conservation Zones that are to be considered for designation in 2013.

These sites have been chosen by Defra on the basis of the benefits they offer, how much these benefits outweigh the costs of designating the sites and the evidence supporting the reason for protecting them.

The consultation will close at Midnight on March 31st  2013.


Most of you will recall that a marine conservation zone had been proposed for the River Aln estuary and between Coquet Island and St Mary’s Island along with a reference area up near the border at Marshalls Meadows. In total 127 sites had been recommended but due to various reasons only 31 are being considered for the first tranche. So how will that affect us?

The reference area in Marshall’s meadow is not currently being considered.

Coquet to St Mary’s is not currently being considered.

The Aln estuary is being considered and as a club we will be responding to the consultation as a primary stakeholder to ensure our views are known and noted as they were when it was proposed under the Net Gain process.


If you are concerned or wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact me.



The 35th Amble Greys Open shore Championship


A crisp white frosty winter’s morning saw Amble SAC along with local tackle manufacturer  Greys of Alnwick supported by MKN building supplies and Amble Angling Centre  turn out for its 35th Open Shore Championship.  Bright sunshine and below freezing temperatures saw the 558 anglers fishing from 10am until 3pm on a calm sea with no wind. We had high hopes for the Cod anglers after seeing some good seas running on the Friday leaving a fair amount of colour in the water however on the day the conditions favoured the flounder and the anglers that targeted them. Low water was at 1.05pm a 1.5m dropping from 4.9m tide, 132 anglers weighed in at the Radcliffe Club Amble, with 391 fish for a total of 402lb, mainly flounders. They then enjoyed the hospitality of the Radcliffe club whilst looking at an amazing prize and raffle table. Prize money, cups, and the latest Greys rods were presented to the winners by Steve Peterson, Marketing manager for Greys of Alnwick. The overall winner was Matthew Holdroyd, who incidentally came second last year, with a bag of 14 flounders for 14lb 5.5oz. The heaviest fish went to Willy Emery, a cod of 7lb 5.75 oz.    Heaviest flatfish went to Steven Ayling a fine turbot of 2lb.9oz. The ladies winner was Pauline Ferry with 4lb 9oz.  The junior winner this year was Daniel Tait with a fine bag of 6lb 0.25 oz. Well done also to second placed Calum Bartlett, and special mention to 4 year old Kyle Whellans who finished third.

All junior entrants who attended the weigh in received a Greys goodie bag. 

Full results can be seen at  open comp page. Once again a big thank you from Amble SAC to all our entrants who support us every year, coming  from far and wide to fish.

 ASAC has a policy of returning flounders alive, well over 300 were returned to the sea this year.



Final Netgain meeting

Two days in Hull, driven as usual, no questions unless they appeared on sticky notes. The first day could have been stripped down to an hour or two mainly re visiting the work  done over the 550 man hours of consultation in the past 15 months along with the feedback received from several groups, some of it made very interesting reading, including the French fishing interest, they quoted COM 2010 771 “the catching sector needs flexible access in order to respond to changes in distribution patterns of fish stocks” what can you say (fish swim and we want to chase) they are strongly against most if not all sites. The RSPB and Wildlife Trust needless to say these two organisations want more and perhaps we will hear from them again next summer no doubt in the public consultation with them shouting, add birds and what about the ecology forget Socio economics. Never the less some form of consensus has been met and the lines drawn in the last iteration stand with a few comments from the SAP about gaps (connectivity) in the Northern North Sea and a former proposed MCZ NG14 south and NG 14 in the NNS that will go in the annex. Most of the ENG requirements have been met but not all including replication and adequacy with the exception of mud.  Meetings will be held this summer over the impact assessments on each individual site, not sure who with, hopefully I will be updated on any contact with my IFCA and will keep up to date?  All MHZs will now be known as RMCZ, recommended.

Day 2 was centred on management measures and driven group work with a NG member allocated to each group, again a very emotive subject especially for the commercial fishermen with very little time after 15 months of work to get one day, albeit non consultative work has already been done with the NGO s on this subject hence the driven group consultation!

Central to the management was the fact that a feature or site was set to recover or maintain and by default RAs would be to recover. So to simply if they had been designated as favourable it would be to maintain and unfavourable to recover over 18 sites and 100 features they are all  set to maintain except for 16, 6, 7, 9,12 & 14 and most of the management measures would be zoned .To maintain should require no management just public awareness of the site.

It was emphasized that that any status was not set in stone and new evidence now and in the future could change the objectives, remember we are committed to have everything in a favourable condition by 2020 not sure who or how they will know this but I was told NE have money to start surveying very soon this will be contracted out to start with but hope to bring it in house.

Regarding management it will be IFCA up to 6 miles, MMO to 12 and CFP from there on to the meridian??. We are still waiting on advice about how to Ban, reduce, restrict, or allow. Sec 125 and 126 of the 2009 Act give some guidance but we await answers from DEFRA.  No one seems to know the answer to the byelaw question and how or indeed if it would go out to public consultation as it would have to be absolute in other words the public would not be able to overrule it on consultation? Some sites mainly around aggregate abstraction would have a 0.5k buffer zone. The one single thing that made my hair stand on end was the discussion around management through licensing being the best tool for the job and will be used on licensed activity and management measure will be added to the conditions of the Licence. Makes you think, especially around the new data collection project Sea Angling 2012 and the fact each individual IFCA could licence RSA. It was said that no restrictive management measure would be required on recreational activity I reminded them via a sticky note about the reference area in Marshalls Meadows on the Berwick coast, I was told ah, yes, no, yes, no you can’t fish there. I then asked the question could I walk on it as it is a thin intertidal strip, when the tide was out of course and go fishing as my gear would be out of the reference area at mean low water only my feet would be in it. Don’t know was the answer but if by walking on it I damaged or made a significant impact on the site I would be in breach. A retired solicitor on my table thought it was great as he could see some mileage in potential future litigation.

We talked about voluntary agreements, codes of conduct, signage, byelaw, interim byelaw, Defra prohibition order, Defra fisheries licence conditions &CFP each site was visited by the various groups who listed suggested management measures, signage in the NNS was popular. Most went with voluntary agreement and codes of conduct unless the management would be against commercial fisherman, most said byelaw or licence and all said CFP over 12 miles. Other than the RAs in my region and NG 14 Farne Deeps very little management was required the commercial fleet will be affected on NG 14 with a zoned management measure covering demersal fishing.

 So what next, the timetable is 31st August the work goes to NE & JNCC impact assessments will be done in 2 parts and handed over late October early November with a final deadline of 16th Jan 2012, public consultation to take place during the Olympics.

Latest M.C.Z News (March 11th)

I know it is a long document
For most of you pages 111 to 107 (PDF) 101 to 105 (report) this is the proposed area for a MCZ from Amble to St Mary's Lighthouse. I need constructive feedback from you and I will write a report and submit it to Netgain for the next round. I can be contacted via PM or e-mail if you wish to discuss the report. I do not have much time as usual in these things I only received it today and they need it back for the 18th and I have to be in London for the 16th to Meet Richard Benyon MP and then again on the 21st at the National Angling Summit I do need feedback from you out there. Any messages for Mr Benyon that wont get me arrested.



Latest MCZ news

Ok I have attended the last round of Net Gain hub meetings at South Shields . Once again I will try and be brief. We will probably have 5 MCZ in our region, all north of the Tyne with 3, possibly 4 reference site's (no human activity whatsoever) 4 of the MCZ are out in the North North Sea from around the Farne Deeps and east out to the limit these will include 3 reference zones and will effect commercial fishermen to some degree. Regarding shore anglers the MCZ that is likely to occur will run South from Alnmouth to just past St Mary’s lighthouse and will not at this time include the river estuaries up to the tidal limit, having fought that one off for the time being but the EA are determined to get them in so we live to fight another day. Regarding the reference area they wanted to put around St Mary’s lighthouse again I believe we have been successful and have managed to get that somewhere else, this is to be confirmed at the next round but I have put up a sound argument that met with support by many at the meeting. The River Aln Estuary is also likely to become an MCZ but with an overriding caveat that RSA activity is allowed to continue again this was agreed.
Any one wanting more detail please e-mail me. The consultation has been given a time extension so I will probably attend 2 more rounds of meetings the next being the most important as it is on management tools regarding the above.
Incidentally we managed to greatly reduce this size of the proposed MCZ on this round.
Still lots to fight for but so far so good. Remember this is not set in stone and the process allows another public consultation period after the stakeholder led process goes back to government via JNCC & NE


The 34th Amble Open 2011

A much better day than last year but with tide and conditions less than favorable with a flat sea,  cod were in short supply with just 14 weighed in. 451 fished with 89 weighing in 230 fish, mainly flounders, for 243lb 7oz. Stephen Atkinson landed two cod for 8lb 13oz from the Dunstanburgh area   to win ahead of Matthew Holdroyd who targeted the flatties at Warkworth and landed eight flounders at 7lb 9oz. Third placed Anthony Whellans also at Warkworth  with a bag of nine  flounders weighing 7lb 7oz. Craig Ogilvie took the heaviest fish prize with a cod of 7¼lb from Fluke Hole. Runner-up Stephen Atkinson had the second heaviest of 5lb 5oz and C. France had one of 5¼lb to take third. D. Ferry had the heaviest flatfish of 1lb 14oz one ounce ahead of second placed Martin Pygall. Dave Bullock took third spot with a fish of 1lb 10oz. Our own Norma Urwin  won the ladies with 4lb 4oz, in second again Elaine Scott weighed in 3lb 15oz followed by Pauline Ferry on 1lb 9oz. Best junior Ross Taylor put some of the adults to shame with a bag weighing 7lb 1oz and also won the club trophy. Jack Punton took second junior place with 2lb 5oz and Lliam Smith finished third with 2lb 4oz. In all a good turn out, disappointing on the cod front but once again a very high percentage of flounders where returned alive ant the conclusion of the weigh in, thanks Craig and Colin. Thanks once again to Alan Charlton our official photographer as usual and to Jimmy and the rest of the committee and helpers for organizing and running the event.



Net Gain, two day Marine Conservation Zone meeting Blyth. 21/22/10/10.

I attended the meeting on both days. The anglers that have answered questionaires or have been interviewed by the Net Gain team contributed to the work of the first day by supplying a data map of RSA activity again unfortunately we did not have enough, so some of the coast shows no RSA activity at all but the other data sets we had from commercial fishermen and conservation agency where full on with the exception of some inshore commercial fishermen, perhaps this is where RSA needed to be informed about the what happens if you don’t give information.  Needless to say the wind farms, Oil and Crown Estates sent there best young brains from London. So to give you a feel for the process at the last meeting we refused basically to draw lines that could be made public because the data was non existent this time we had much more data and we had to put pen to paper. The NE hub has now drawn lines in the sea and along the seashore all having caveats to them on control/ management measures regarding activities within those areas also our degree of confidence in the area as defined. The whole group was put into three tables mine having Natural England, Crown Estates, RSPB, Friends of the Earth, inshore commercial fisherman, MMO, INCA( wildlife charity) All data was considered and we drew our lines until about 5pm that day along with the caveats for the draft MCZ we had created. Overnight all data was imputed into the GIS (digital map) and the three tables MCZ’s were overlaid on one another, we then had to reach a consensus as a group to the areas drawn, so the day was made up of the three tables joining the lines together until a consensus was met along with taking out and adjusting areas to comply with the ecological network guidance set by Natural England (ENG). The most important thing was that all caveats would remain. At this stage it would appear we have nothing to fear regarding RSA, but we will be getting down to the detail in the intertidal zone in the next round and I await the restrictions and management controls on bait digging. I got the feeling that some conservation groups will try to get control caveats on anything to do with disturbing birds. Some of the new data has not yet been processed for RSA and under 10m fishermen in North Northumberland (personal interviews by NG). Once again the Broad Scale Habitat (BSH) data was questioned and to the accuracy regarding sub tidal mud, the group agreed to use local knowledge and place mud on the map in an area shown as sand we will evidence this through local fishermen  and see what the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) have to say. We had information that most of the BSH is calculated through sampling and then a computer model made. The  features of conservation interest (FOCI) is also similar in as much as if it is on a map it is only because they have sampled there, the greatest number being in and around gas and oil platforms or potential wind farms. So the science is very patchy and is right unless we can prove it wrong !. The other interesting point is I started researching some of the Latin names from the ENG FOCI  list and found after questioning those in the know, that a vast majority of them have and probably never will live in our area, so much of the science is generic to all four projects. Banning twin rigging was mentioned and endorsed by the inshore fishermen and the disparity between bye-laws in different IFCA districts and the MMO out past 6 miles ( banned in Northumberland only) No mention as yet as to no angling within an area, Anchoring was briefly mentioned along with strings of pots and possible damage to Sea Ferns, I asked if they existed in our area as my research had shown they did not, the general consensus from the brains in the room was they did not but corals did. We had a very active member of the Crown estate who was representing the interests of its customers, the renewable sector, who it transpires will have all sorts of planning issues along with extra cost if they have to apply in MCZ’s. Finally as should have happened on the last iteration this work will go into the public domain. I for one am glad that ASAC are in this as stakeholders as I have seen first hand how quickly areas can be thought off and if there is no information by the way of an overlay or a representative of an affected stakeholder group lines get drawn. How the big commercial boys attack this process when it is finished and back with NE will be interesting. Next round mid December.




Briefley 13 people turned up that includes the committee.

Tony Cook is the New Chairman with Jock Forgie as the Vice ,the Club is currently financially sound due to the Summer Open and those members that subscribe to the weekly lottery draw contact Norma, £1 a week on the bonus ball.

The ban on wrasse in ASAC competitions, this is purely a conservation measure for a fish that is killed and more often than not thrown away and not eaten.

No change on winter league match times (see footnote) however we return to our old policy of supporting local clubs by allowing members to fish these Opens and or our own boundaries on the times dictated by the other clubs. You are not able to claim the biggest fish if you fish the alternative open.

Sunday Sept 12th 10am to 2pm Whitley Bay

Sunday Sept 26th Newbiggin

Sunday Oct 10th Seaton Sluice

Sunday Dec 18th Angling Trust

Sunday Jan 9th ASAC

Sunday 23rd

Competition cards must be signed by a club official and returned to the ASAC match secretary. 

Club boundaries will now be from the Chip shop at Beadnel to the South end of Newbiggin Bay.

The Club will draw up a safety code of practice for members, please contact any committee member or myself, we need home telephone numbers car registrations and your e-mail address..

The club will draw up a membership/ renewal form for this purpose along with a junior membership disclaimer for parents.

The second half of the winter league will start with the Marathon.

We will look into running a trip next summer any ideas to me please.

Discuss the summer league and it’s boundaries in the New Year.

Your subs are due before the first match you fish.

·       Proposal lodged for October 7th meeting to place competition times between 2pm and 10pm to target low tides, ebb tide and darkness. Any objections please make known before then.


All Members

After the last winter league finished and with the sad loss of 3 North East Anglers in one season we now have to consider club members and competitors safety as a part of our terms and conditions with regard to club insurance through the Angling Trust. In a nutshell we have to do a risk assessment and sign that off 8 hours before a competition starts after final checks on the weather. So the club has decided that we require some personal details of members such as mobile phone number, a person to contact in case of an emergency and an e-mail address if you have one, this alone will enable us to contact you and keep you in touch with club business and events at virtually no cost, so watch this space for the renewal and new members application form.


Information from

Recreational Sea Angling  

Co-ordination Group 

April 30 2010

Tide is running out on struggle to find sea life sanctuaries

 Government plans to designate large areas in the North and Irish seas and the English Channel as marine conservation zones (MCZs) where many activities may be restricted or barred, are running out of time.

Sea anglers on four regional project teams covering the areas say there is only six weeks in which to study and then recommend which areas should initially be zoned.

They have set up a 40-strong group to harmonise their concerns by exchanging and co-coordinating details of the proposals as they emerge.  The group - full name the Recreational Sea Angling Conservation Zone Co-ordination Group - includes anglers on local  committees covering counties bordering the proposed zones set up by the regional projects.  Some of the proposed conservation zones may be close to the shore,

The first bulletin from the group states: “The timeline is of great concern.  We have until June 11 to make regional recommendations so that the overall plans of each project can to be submitted to a scientific advisory panel by June 30.

The first of the four groups, named Finding Sanctuary and covering the western English Channel was started in 2007.  However,  the three other groups for the North Sea, the eastern English Channel and the Irish Sea have existed for less than a year. 

 One of them only managed to hold its first meeting on April 22.   

 The bulletin says there has been too little time for anglers to study the areas in the sea proposed to become MCZs.  The anglers  need time to consult with clubs and others in the four areas where there are hundreds of thousands of individual sea anglers so that their views can been heard. 

 “There is, therefore, a high degree of risk that mistakes may be made,”  the bulletin states.  “This initiative is too important to be rushed and there are genuine fears that stakeholders are being driven to a predestined objective.”

The government’s plan is that once the zones have been designated they will not be reviewed for six years.

 The bulletin calls for more transparent engagement by the four project teams with their stakeholders.  Discussion papers were being presented at the start of  meetings giving no time to study them and prepare constructive analyses.  

 “The lack of adequate information is fuelling the suspicions held by many sea anglers  that their sport is going to be subject of massive restrictions.  This lack of information needs to be reversed.”

Please contact me with any concerns



2nd April 2010 

Just an update on the process, I attended the first hub meeting on the formation of MTZ in our hub region, Berwick to Hartlepool. There is very little to report as the guidelines have not been published from DEFRA and cascaded down to NE and JNCC and then to netgain, these should be out in the next few days and may give us some idea as to what is going on. The meeting was very much a sign up to hub protocol and admin along with discussing mapping tools that we will require later. The only significant news is I asked for more RSA representation on the Next level (Stakeholder advisory panel) and this is being considered.

The next meeting is on the 10th &11th May if any of you have locations or species that you believe needs protecting I would be happy to put it to the hub and it will be considered. I still believe that for shore anglers we will be affected on the bait collection and digging front so we must keep up to speed and make sure it does not happen without us putting up our arguments. There are many well funded and organised groups on our hub such as Northumberland Wildlife Trust, heritage groups, RSPB, and Commercial fishermen many of there arguments are evidenced and documented by their Barrister.  If any of you require more information just e-mail me.

I have spoken to Alan Charlton about how I get this information out to all RSA in Northumberland, any ideas? This will all be over by next June! So not much time to get organised if we require it.



Net Gain: Large Group Meeting Hull 11th February 2010.


Basically the main objective of the meeting was to consider “What a MCZ should involve and the Priorities to make it a Success”

The “netgain” area of the North Sea is from Berwick down to Suffolk almost to Clacton on Sea and will be spit into four hubs, North East, East of England, Yorkshire & Humber and Lincolnshire, our regional hub being North East, Berwick down to just south of Hartlepool.

Those hubs will have a panel of representatives from the local stakeholder groups, this may include large corporate groups such as offshore wind farmers, gas and oil, commercial fishermen and associated industries, Conservation such as Northumberland Wildlife Trust then the recreational sector, anglers, divers, canoeist, walkers We then had a brain storming session to see what groups we felt should be on this panel. The four hubs will then be overseen by another panel called “stakeholder advisory panel” (StAP) again a similar exercise was undertaken within the 24 groups in the room made up of tables of four or five all from different user groups, I had wind farmers, commercial fisherman, Seafish (food industry), Wildlife trust. Then the finale, which consisted of each delegate putting coloured stickers on a matrix of stakeholder groups, Sea Angling, Commercial Fishing and Conservation predominated. We should know if we are represented on our local hub and by whom soon as the first NE hub meeting will be at Cullercoats in mid March. The NE was well represented with Mike Edwards (Northern Fed) Sam Harris (Angling Trust) and myself. If any of you have any ideas about areas you think should be in a MCZ this can include intertidal waters up to spring high tide point and tidal rivers up to the fresh water point please let me know. I will keep you updated as the process unfolds.


Netgain MCZ meeting Cullercoats11th January.

I attended the 3pm meeting along with Alan Charlton (Northern Fed) Sam Harris (Angling Trust) The meeting was facilitated by a professional independent company along with netgain staff and gave an overview of netgain and time lines. You must remember the law is already in place to implement any MCZ in the form of the Marine & Coastal access Act, you have already had an opportunity to have your say on that during the consultation period and many of you did individually and at the meeting in Newbiggin. netgain based in Hull, is aiming to work with as many sea user and interest groups as possible to plan new Marine Conservation Zones throughout their project area, which runs from the Scottish border to Felixstowe out to 200 miles and up all rivers to fresh water and I believe the mean high tide mark and it will be Stakeholder led. This massive area will be formed into 4 hubs our hub being North East Just South of Hartlepool to Berwick, the 3 others being Yorkshire& Humber, Lincolnshire and finally East of England. The hubs will have a stakeholder advisory panel, speak to the liaison officer if you require more info on how to get on one if you were not at the meeting.
Our area liaison officer is Gary Tinsley based at Cullercoats, so for those of you that were unable to attend and require information for your club or yourselves he can be contacted on 0191 222 3061 they have produced an information pack. The Website is up and running and they will be adding a web based GIS mapping system by April
The project in the South West Finding Sanctuary has been going for several years and is the model for the other projects. The below link is worth reading regarding sea anglers and how things are likely to develop up here.

Sea Anglers My Stakeholder Group Get Involved Finding Sanctuary

This process will take place over the next 18 months or longer, about June 2011 when I believe the project is handed back to Natural England
I believe they are working on a questionnaire for sea Anglers.
I made enquiries with the Stakeholder manager about talking to clubs and individuals I would be prepared to organise this if enough interest was shown.
As I said at Newbiggin the licence issue was but just one, there might be more to come, I suspect around bait digging and possible problems for boat anglers.
It is important that some organisation club or national association represents us.
There was a diverse collection of interest at the meeting from wind farmers, NT, RSPB, commercial fisherman, EA and others. An interest on the stakeholder advisory panel would be good. None of this is bad news for us as yet, but we must be part of the process. I can be contacted via the Amble Sea angling Club web site.
Amble Sea Angling Club


33rd Amble Open January 3rd 2010

What a morning as the committee dragged itself into the Radcliffe Club for 6.30am from across snow covered Northumberland with reports of road closures and severe weather conditions. The first words you hear “is it on”, Jimmy the match secretary replies “of course it is only a bit of snaw” well he was right the competition went ahead with competitors coming from as far away as Whitby that morning. The President and Vice (Jock & Tony) did the registration a worrying job until about 8.30am when the vast majority turned up to register with tales of their hazardous journeys. Colin the treasurer along with Jimmy, Darkie and others set up the prize table. The interesting bit was to come, counting the money along with the pre booked tickets, sponsorship and monies laid out in prizes to see if once again the club would survive, this sadly is a common tale for many clubs these days, numbers dwindling on open competitions and club finances having to embrace the deficit and soldier on, it is always the bottom line that counts no matter how much work and enthusiasm the club puts in, we are financially down on the comp but not downhearted with plans for a summer competition this year, more about that later.

So armed with a bacon sandwich and the knowledge that the Club would survive Darkie, Jock, Tony and myself went out to steward the comp, we had already heard that the ladies, Norma and Elaine had caught and rumours of a cod from the Saltpans, water was collected for the flatfish and Tony and I had a chat with some of the anglers. We had given the competitors an extra half an hour to get to the weigh in so it was back to the hut to get the generator on and laptop plugged in. At the start we were unsure about the catch rate on the day and to my surprise some very good fish were seen at the scales. Elaine Scott weighed her 3 flounders in first and said Norma Urwin had four flounders but Elaine’s best fish was 1lb 5.75oz flounder, so we knew it would be close for the two ASAC ladies, Norma then arrived and confirmed she had won and just beaten Elaine by just 12.5 oz, well done ladies. Norma walked away with the ladies cup and prize money along with Elaine winning the heaviest flatfish the only two ASAC members to win comp categories along with Ryan Pringle who won the club cup with 2 fish for 5lb 12.5, well done Ryan. A special mention to our club Treasurer Colin who came 64th and picked up a prize. 64 people weighed in (ah so he was last) so our chairmen gave a prize to all that had caught. All in all a magnificent day, reflected in the thanks that our chairmen (Jock) mentioned in his speech to all concerned especially Amble Boat Company, Amble Angling centre, Greys (John Henderson) and SONIK Sports  (Tony Anderson)

Sizzlers for their donation and fantastic food.

A very special thanks to those of you that turned up on the day despite the weather.

I will end this now with a another thank you to Tony & Norma not only the local tackle shop owners but fantastic club and committee members. Norma we wish to thank you as you have often stepped in and helped at the last minute such as the food after the Christmas fare selling raffle tickets and opening early for registration and bait along with your generous help with the prize table.

So it ended with the same old faces clearing up, more about that later.

Well done to all involved.

Members please come to our monthly meetings, we need your ideas and help along with your moans.



Tight lines

Happy New Year




The Marine Bill.

The attached newsletter speaks for itself but as usual the devil is in the detail and there is a long way to go yet, Marine Protected Area’s for our region, the implementation of the new Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authorities with we hope RSA (Recreational Sea Anglers) representation on that authority. As you may know article 47 will not affect shore anglers but may have an impact on RSA boat anglers up in the North East. If you have any questions on the above do not hesitate to get in touch with me or you have an issue you think should be raised on your behalf with the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee. I will endeavour to keep you updated on the above issues.

Issue 12 - 01 December 2009 published (PDF 396KB)

Finally have you considered joining the Angling Trust?

I believe £20 well spent to have one voice for angling.



 A victory for perseverance and commonsense


Collecting peeler crab

The Crown V Gavin Hall


The Facts


South Shields Magistrates Court 7th December 2009-12-08


Mr Hall was seen back in April of this year throwing 11 tyres into the river Tyne / river Don with the intention of laying them out alongside his other tyre’s as crab shelters (it is not PC to call them traps as they don’t trap or fish if they did we could be regulated) Unfortunately it was high tide at the time and the passing off duty Police Officer walking his dog took a different view of the young lad throwing tyres into the river at high water from a van, anyway the off duty officer intervenes and is not happy with the story and calls his on duty  colleagues, Mr Hall is interviewed and his story remains the same as to his intention to place the tyres at low water as crab shelters to collect peeler crab.

Northumbria Constabulary latter summons Mr Hall under sec 2(1) Amenity Act 2009 (the abandonment of cars or parts of) Mr Hall after initially pleading guilty, as he knew no different and on advice changed his plea to not guilty and after various adjournments and an 8 month wait along with an alternative charge of littering put on him at the last minute a final trial date was set for Monday 7th December 2009. After evidence from 3 prosecution witness’s and one defence witness Mr Hall was found not guilty on both counts and most importantly was given cost as he had funded the defence solicitor from his own pocket.

The magistrates commented that they had no criticism of the Police but there was no evidence of intention to abandon or litter as per Mr Hall’s defence.


Tight Lines





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